About JudisLampShades


Juliette Moore, with a background in art, design, and antiques, started hand sewing and
recovering vintage silk lampshades as a hobby in the early 1990’s. Soon thereafter a
business was born and not before long she grew to be a well-known leader in the
design of one-of-a kind unique custom lampshades, whose signature is her use of a
wide variety of deep rich and subtle colors. Her studio is highly recognized for its
diversity in hand sewn shade designs, an eclectic collection including designs such
as: Victorian, Art Deco, Mid-Century, Classic and Modern. Juliette’s lamps are created
not only with a deep empathy for color, but also with intuitive care for fabric, whether
they are gorgeous imported textiles or luxurious vintage fabrics. Each of Juliette’s lamps
receives meticulous and individual attention, during their creation at the Juliette’s
Lampshades Studio, which is dedicated to the highest standards of quality and

These unique Objets d’Art are fashioned out of treasures discovered by Juliette and her
partner Jack, who, being experienced antique market enthusiasts are always on the
look out for distinctive antique originals, including vintage lamp-bases and other
parts from a wide variety of periods. These originals are then brought to the Studio
for painstaking restoration, refinishing and rewiring before they become her celebrated
Objets d’Art.

The business started in 1995 working with wholesale clients, world-wide designers,
well-known collectors, & retailers. In 1997 a great variety of her unique lighting pieces
were sold at the renowned ABC Carpet & Home, NYC. In 2003 this store invited
Juliette Moore to run her own retail shop on their first floor. Business & custom work
exploded since those early days. At present Juliette is back to her roots & concentrating
on various new designs solely in her Brooklyn studio.





1121 West 12nd Street, Brooklyn NY 11121